Custom Esk8 Battery Packs

What we offer

We offer both DIY battery packs including segmented enclosure packs, flexible packs and emtb style pelical case packs, as well as upgrade/replacement packs for Meepo, wowgo, ownboard, backfire, Evolve, Fluxmotion and all other brands.
Some packs do require the board (especially evolve) due to proprietary BMSs. 

Why choose 18650 Club?

From design to welding to completion, our packs are well thought out to prioritize safety, efficiency and longevity. All customers will receive internal pictures of their pack including any mistakes small or large made during construction. Here are some of the features we're proud to include within our packs:
- Only genuine grade A cells from trusted brands.
- No weak stacked or folded nickel
- Genuine 99.6% .15 or .2 nickel only
- Pack design which doesn't limit power.
- High quality BMS offerings from Jaibeda, DALY and Liu Tree Tech. 
- Extensive use of safety techniques to prevent premature failure
- Strong welds powered by Sequre and K-Weld spot welders. 
- Never non flexible flatpacks utilizing copper braided cabling to add flexibility
- 6 Month comprehensive warranty, with extended cover for failures not including water or misuse.

How much do your packs cost?

We base our pack costs on materials + time. Segmented and flexible packs usually take quite a lot longer than regular emtb or budget board packs. As an example, we offer budget board "ER" Molicel P42A 10S2P packs for £190, and flexible 12S4P Molicel P42A packs for £380.