Sequre Mini Intelligent OLED Spot Welder

Sequre Mini Intelligent OLED Spot Welder

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This product or varient is on backorder. If ordered now, it will be dispatched in 1-2 weeks. Contact us for more information.

The SQ-SW1 Is a high-performance, high-power spot welder. This is a professional tool, please do not purchase it unless you have prepared yourself with the necessary research. Misuse of the spot welder can lead to serious or lethal injury. While using the spot welder, please wear insulative gloves and eye protection. 

The SQ-SW1 Is a high performance spot welder encased in a high quality all aluminum casing. Through testing, We were unable to get the welder to heat before the battery, even with .3 thick genuine nickel. This spot welder is ideal if you're planning on building multiple 18650 or 21700 batteries and want to put in the time to learn how to make them safely.

Please read through/watch the following resources to learn about safe electric vehicle battery making:

ESK8 News Battery Builder's Club

Lee Wright's Youtube Channel

Pavel Garma's Youtube Channel

Technical Parameters

1. Input Voltage: 10-14V
2. Welding Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
3. Trigger Delay: 0.5-3s
5. Pulse Time: 1-100ms(default),1-500ms(setting)
6. Short Pulse: 0-100%
7. Work Model: Automatic/Manual
8. Voltage Warning: Low Voltage/High Voltage
9. Power Supply Interface: XT90
10.Recommended Battery: Lithium battery (3S 5000mAh minimum 60C, i.e Turnigy Graphene) Car battery (12V 400-800CCA)

Safety Tips

1. The two electrodes and solder pins should not be touched together to avoid short circuits.
2. Pay attention to the correct wiring. Refer to the manual for the specific wiring method.
3. When using for the first time, set the welding pulse duration to 2ms and check the welding result. According to the actual welding situation, set the appropriate welding pulse duration step by step to obtain good welding.
4. If you use higher current or non-factory parts, you need to take the risk yourself.

Spot Welder Package included:

1× SQ-SW1 Welder
1× Pressdown Welding pen
1× Split Welding Pens
1× Test Nickle Strips
1× Foot Pedal
2x Sets Of Pure Copper Welding Tips (4pcs total)
2x 18650 Test Holders
3× 18650 Test Cells (Empty cells)